How to Brand & Market Your Private Label Cosmetic Line

Posted by Daily Manufacturing | Feb 25, 2021 3:23:55 PM

How to Brand & Market Your Private Label Cosmetic Line

Daily Manufacturing offers contract manufacturing, co-packing, and private labeling services to both start-ups and major brands around the country. Private labeling is a great way to start your own line of cosmetics because you can take advantage of proven formulas without investing in extensive research and development. Choose from our line of products, and we can manufacture them for sale under your brand and label. 

AdobeStock_260227066Branding Your Cosmetic Makeup Line

Before selling your products, there are many factors to consider when branding your cosmetics:

  • Your Business Name: It’s the first thing a consumer will notice, and it’s what they'll use to talk about you. Choose a name that reflects your products and values. 
  • Logo: Your logo can indicate the quality of your products and make your packaging easy to identify.
  • Brand Colors: These should stay consistent through all your marketing. Choose your colors with intention, because changing them is a rebranding process that takes time and money. 
  • Packaging: Some packaging materials will react with certain ingredients, so you have to choose a container that protects the product inside. Different materials have different costs, so think about your budget and the retail value of your product. Your packaging efforts include how your product is mailed to your customers if you conduct your business online.
  • Mission Statement and Vision: Why are you offering these products? How do they enhance people’s lives? What are the promises you can make?
  • Brand Identity: This is a combination of your logo, colors, website, packaging, brand voice, and more: brand identity is how you portray yourself to the audience. 

Marketing Your Cosmetic Makeup Line

There are a lot of ways to get the word out about your brand, and most companies will benefit from a combination of techniques and platforms:

  • Social Media and Marketing: Social media best practices change on a near daily basis, as new platforms appear and user preferences and experiences change. The best strategy usually involves both free and paid options. It remains important to use social media to build relationships with your customers: encourage interaction and seek to create an experience and provide education. 
  • Online Store: There are several ecommerce platforms that make it easy to set up your online store. Remember to test its functionality—and ensure you’re ready to ship products!—before you make the site live. 
  • Highlight Your Value Propositions: What sets you apart in a competitive market? Craft a statement that highlights your key ingredients, specific product focus or customer focus, or how you meet a need in the market. 
  • Testimonials: Consumers can be skeptical about new products, particularly in a world where scams and sub-par products abound. Gather testimonials from your clients and share them on your website. 
  • Surveys: Send surveys to ask customers about their purchasing experience. Listening and taking feedback into consideration can help you build a better company and even give you an idea for the next in-demand product.
  • Promotions: Deals and discounts are a great way to incentivize new customers to give you a try. Consider free shipping, BOGO offers, or referral bonuses. 

Brand Your Private Label Cosmetic Line With Daily Manufacturing

Branding and marketing your cosmetics line is a big undertaking, but it’s easier when you have a great product and you understand what's in it and why people will benefit from using it. When you partner with Daily Manufacturing for private labeling, you get access to a range of high-grade products and a sophisticated quality control system. Our services include third-party logistics for packaging and labeling, order fulfillment, and more. Choose from an extensive line of proven formulas, or use our research and development team to create your own.  

We’re committed to being a responsible private label manufacturer, and we use our years of industry experience to make it as easy as possible for you to start your own cosmetics brand. Contact us to learn more about our private labeling services or to request a quote for your project.