3 Key Steps in Starting a Makeup Line

Posted by Daily Manufacturing | Feb 25, 2021 12:28:11 PM

3 Key Steps in Starting a Makeup Line

The makeup industry is highly competitive. New cosmetic products are developed and introduced to the market on a regular basis, which can make it all the more difficult for those made by new or small companies to succeed. There are a couple of manufacturing options a cosmetic company can choose from when creating a new product or product line. Either they can design and manufacture the products in-house or outsource the product design and manufacturing operations to a third-party company. Choosing the latter option is highly beneficial for new and small companies since it generally comes with lower equipment investment costs, greater scalability, and many other advantages. 


One of the most common forms of outsourcing product design and manufacturing is private label manufacturing. In this type of business relationship, the third-party company develops and manufactures the product but allows other companies to brand and market it as their own. It is advantageous because the contracting company can diversify its product selection without having to invest in product-specific R&D and manufacturing operations, which saves both time and money. In a cutthroat market, such as the market industry, this lower cost of entry can make it easier for companies to start a new makeup line.

The following article discusses three steps you need to take when starting a makeup line: creating your business plan, researching your competitors, and selecting your manufacturing partner.  

1. Create Your Cosmetic Makeup Line Business Plan

One of the first steps in creating a new makeup line is developing your cosmetic line business plan. This plan should answer the following questions:

  • What type of makeup do you want to make?
  • What is your niche/demographic/audience?
  • What is your business structure?
  • What are your brand values and aesthetic?
  • How will you register and trademark your company?
  • Do you need to lock down any domain or social media handles?

2. Research Your Competitors

Before you launch a new makeup line, it is important to research your competitors. You can use online search engines and printed media to identify your competitors and understand their products, brand, and business strategies. Some of the factors to look into include:

  • Product pricing models
  • Product specials and offers
  • Customer perception and reaction
  • Company mission, vision, and values

This information can help you determine how you can differentiate your company and products to stand out from them, ensuring you stand out in the market.

3. Select a Cosmetic Manufacturing Partner

The manufacturing company you choose can significantly affect whether or not your makeup product succeeds. You need to trust them to produce and package quality products that live up to your company’s standards. Otherwise, you risk customers being unsatisfied or disappointed by your products. Some of the qualities to look for in an ideal manufacturing partner include:

  • Experience and expertise with your specific product or similar products
  • Capabilities and capacities to produce your products to your specifications, in the quantity you need, and under the timeline you require
  • Value-added services to help keep operations under one roof 

You can form several types of business relationships with your manufacturing partner, each of which offers different advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide which one best suits your needs and wants. A contract manufacturing relationship is ideal when you want complete control and rights over the product. A private label manufacturing relationship is best when you are comfortable choosing a proven formulation that is modified or customized to fit your product specifications. A white label manufacturing relationship is appropriate if you are okay accepting a generic product that cannot be altered in any way besides branding.

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